Where Would Willy Live?

Everybody knows Willy Wonka! Well here is his amazing house, well sort of. The wacky house is in New York, Tribeca to be precise, I doubt Willy would have liked the mayhem of New York.

WillyWonka (4A)

Could You live in a house like this?

WillyWonka (2A)

WillyWonka (2)

Colour and pattern are obviously a major focal point of the design, I love how is so OTT and unbelievably wacky but I can’t help feeling it’s either going to send the occupants crazy or just date really quickly. I would defiantly want a hotel I stay in to look like this though, I would lose my mind living here 24/7 ha-ha.

WillyWonka (1)

WillyWonka (1A)

Sitting down to watch television you have the sheep with you. Snoozing on the sofa give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘counting the sheep’.

WillyWonka (3A)



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