Furniture from Established & Sons


Bricks and Mortar Armchair

While is the office at work a colleague picked up the No. 6 from Established & Sons, from the outside this book looked pretty inconspicuous with its plain grey cardboard hardback and light blue spine. Once we had a look inside we found a wide range of quirky modern furniture, seating, lighting and much more.


I’ve picked out a few things I love from the book, but I urge you to have a nosey yourself!

Stack 1

I love ‘Stack’ the chest of drawers which looks pretty boring while its flat but once you start playing around, pushing and pulling it comes to life.

Stack 2


Font Clock

I have quite a fascination with clocks, there is only one way of telling time but there is many ways of showing the time. This Font Clock tells you all you need to know about the day your going to begin.

Two Timer

Tank Suspension Light

The lighting is abstract yet simple, and the colour range means its easy to find something to compliment an existing scheme, you could use a single floor lamp to update a room with a modern and simple twist.

Landmark Floor Lamp




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