BERLIN: Holocaust Memorial

HM (1)

The Monumental Memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust was designed by Peter Eisenman, it reportedly cost around €25 million.

HM (2)

I knew I had to visit the Memorial once I’d found out I was going ot visit Berlin, its such a statement of scuplture and architecture I really wanted to experience the feeling being in the centre of the pillars. Some people think the design is unneccesary, but Eisenman’s concept was to create ‘an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason’.

HM (3)     HM (4)

HM (5)

On the outside it doesn’t seem all that special, many of the surrounding pillars are quite small in height. Walking through the design and once you realise the floor undulates you appreciate the huge scale of some on the central pillars. It makes you feel quite insignificant and uneasy, you can hear others around but not neccesarily be able to see anybody else making it a cold and lonely experience.

HM (6)

I would definatly reccomend paying the Memorial a visit!


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