Abstract Negative Spaces

Whiteread (1) Whiteread (3)

Rachel Whiteread created ‘House’ in 1994, this concrete cast sculpture was created to highlight the negative space inside a house. The Victorian house was placed where it originally came from, a pretty standard street was demolished by the council, whom decided to display the piece within its original setting, the sculpture has since been demolished. I think this is a great simple way to show negative space within a house, even little details draw your attention such as the bulging fireplaces and dimpled door handles.

Whiteread (2)

Negative space (1)

I also found a couple of images which show exactly what negative space means! The quirky cat and bird furniture set really makes me smile, the silhouette creates the negative space. An this amazing laser cut book lets you flick through a house in a way you would never have been able, its a whole new take on a model house. Its an amazingly simple idea which demonstrates a similar message to Whiteread’s about the negative, and maybe wasted, space within households around the world.

Negative space (2) 


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