Apartments? or Multi-Storey Car Park?

CPA (4)

Based on a simple car park structure these apartments in France are created as a solution to local housing supply issues, low cost council flats. I think the design is pretty standard and maybe a tad obvious, to use a formula that creates large scale multi-storey car parks and replicate this, filling the space with housing. I just don’t know if people would want to live somewhere that seems quite cold, but I do love the simple geometric shapes created by the silhouette of the strong structures.

CPA (3) CPA (1)

Situated on the Plateau de la Haye theses apartments have been created to promote a new way of living, each apartment consists of three main sections. Firstly the well insulated interior space which is the obviously the main living area, then an ‘inter-climatic’ space which is a balcony, veranda. And finally an outdoor planting space for leisure and gardening. These all provide different elements that change people experiences of a house, a comfy are as well as a natural outdoor living space. I just love how they have divided each space into a simple new living space where the interior and exterior are always connected.

CPA (5)

I love the floor to ceiling stairwells, and the community feeling the building promotes. Its a great way to add more council houses, by tweaking an already proved design, such as the multi-storey car park. I’d love the challenge of transforming an existing car park into some amazing apartments.

CPA (2)


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