‘The Question – If performance reflects society’s values how will it shape performance in the future?  Simple Terms – If performances; as in the performances I have researched and annotated. Reflect society’s values; show what is actually going on in the world of performance at this moment in time as well as what has happened previously, and if it displays peoples principles and choices. And how will it shape the future; I need to discuss how its affected and developed future performances, as well as what I expect will become our new performances in the future, this is where my project work fits in.’

But after speaking to my tutor I chose to create a research based project to develop my semester 1 and 2 design work. Basing the research around performances and different types of ‘performances’ I want to push the boundaries of what a performance actually is. Through this work I will pick apart a collection of relevant and rather random designs, some may be the typical staged performance other may be something completely different, I want to show the variety. By annotating each of these performances I can find out what’s successful and what isn’t, I plan to use a set of bullet points which can then be used as a scorecard system, a performance top trumps.

    • Historical, Economic, Political, Technological, Social?
    • Did the activities reflect the culture of the time?
    • Positive or Negative attention?
    • Spectating vs. Participating?
    • Is performance there to keep people occupied or happy?
    • How does it relate to my project work?

After pushing people’s perceptions of what a performance is I aim this research project to provoke innovative new ideas to inform, develop transform my Masters work so far.


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