Joshua Allen Harris created an amazing bin bag sculpture, if you could call it that, its come to life using the air pushed out from a subway grid, forcing the bag to transform into a polar bear. Its imaginative and quirky, I love the temporality of the work, its a quick ‘promo’ tool.

The performance is created by the gust of air, and the fleeting moment the bear is inflated. Its more about what people feel when the ‘rubbish’ transforms rapidly into a recognisable shape.

I do feel there’s a hidden agenda behind the work, even if the artist doesn’t necessarily explain, at a time when people are focussing on issues with global warming. It could be a message to promote awareness of this topic. I do however question myself, because since creating the polar bear Harris has used other animals such as the lock ness monster, so either I’m reading too much into the urban art, or I’ve hid the nail on the head.



  • Historical, Economic, Political, Technological, Social? – Political, even if its not meant to be, the agenda behind this street art is basically global warming, and how its effects can not necessarily always be seen.

  • Did the activities reflect the culture of the time? – Yes, people are becoming more convinced of global warming, whether its a natural occurrence or something brought on by humans is a debate on its own.

  • Positive or Negative attention? – I would say its more positive because it highlights issues which could transform the place where we live.

  • Spectating vs. Participating? – Its more spectating, even though I have chosen to use an image which includes interaction, I feel its something meant to be seen rather than played with.

  • Is performance there to keep people occupied or happy? – Its neither really, its a promotion, or an advertisement for global issues.

  • How does it relate to my project work? – Preston has no air grids, so this wouldn’t be feasable but I do wander if the same technology could be used in wind tunnel areas or alleyways.



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