Visit an Adi-Zone


As a part of my Masters work I have looked into different ways of performing, this does not necessarily mean watching a pantomime or concert, I’ve specifically found ‘unique’ performances to annotate. I’ve had first hand of experience on visiting an Adi-Zone, Preston has two.


I think they are an amazing idea, as the city’s parks are falling into disrepair it brings exercise and keep fit, as well as social time, to a new generation of people. Spurred on by the Olympics these have began springing up all over the place, consisting of outdoor exercise equipment providing a place where kids and adults (big kids) can enjoy a sort of social exercise. Taking inspiration from generic gym equipment the small interactive pieces promote a get active message, a treadmill, exercise bikes and bench press equipment is included, I think its an amazing idea to entice children to exercise while young so they get use to the gym equipment they would hopefully use when older.


The performance is interaction, socialising and having fun while exercising which is definitely a positive move, I understand that its been done before but with the backing of the Olympics and Adidas I feel its a project that boosts children’s exercise and encourages keeping active.




  • Historical, Economic, Political, Technological, Social? – Social as well as Political, by providing theses exercise spaces in ‘deprived’ areas, rejuvenating the site and promoting getting fit and keeping active.

  • Did the activities reflect the culture of the time? – Yes, its a practical and interesting way to provoke kids into exercising while playing.

  • Positive or Negative attention? – Positive, anything that promotes healthy exercise is definitely a good thing.

  • Spectating vs. Participating? – Participation is perfect, its exactly what the playgrounds are there for!

  • Is performance there to keep people occupied or happy? – It’s there to promote the Olympics and keeping fit, but I’m guessing its also there to keep youths occupied, it appeals to the age group that concern most neighbourhoods, teenagers which are usually seen as causing the most anti social behaviour.

  • How does it relate to my project work? – Already in Preston, having two Adizones, it’s defnitly something I’d have to include in a performance map or trail for people to follow around Preston.



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