Little people, BIG ART

Slinkachu  (5)

I’m in love with this work! Its amazing! Slinkachu creates amazing urban interventions, sculptures and photographs. They play around with scale and create innovative pieces which actually tempted me to purchase his book, the messages behind the pieces is what excites me most.

Performance is temporary, story telling and perception. The longevity of the works is what attracts people to the work, Slinkachu creates the pieces, takes the perfect shot and then leaves them to ‘fend’ for themselves. Its a continuation of the miniature story he has created for the work.

Slinkachu  (4)  Slinkachu  (6)Slinkachu  (8)  Slinkachu  (2)Slinkachu  (3)  Slinkachu  (7)

You may look at the work thinking its not necessarily something I should include while evaluating performances, but I beg to differ. The performance is in the eye of the beholder, you make up the story of the art work in the photograph. It provokes a reaction, if it makes you question something then Slinkachus done his job!



  • Historical, Economic, Political, Technological, Social? – Social and maybe a little Political, Slinkachu’s miniature creations provoke discussions, some are a sly dig at anti social behaviour like the Lego brick piece.

  • Did the activities reflect the culture of the time? – Yes, in a social media world, these quirky subliminal pieces provide some light relief as well as highlighting issues such as pollution, graffiti and anti social behaviour.

  • Positive or Negative attention? – Positive, but could be seen as graffiti or littering because the pieces are left to survive in the ‘real world’ once they are photographed.

  • Spectating vs. Participating? – Pretty much spectating, and viewing the photographs its probably really hard to find Slinkachu setting up the pieces. I’d love to come across his work! but its so small.

  • Is performance there to keep people occupied or happy? – Its there to keep people happy and make them smile, its nothing outrageous just a set of pieces providing the start of a story you can let your imagination run away with.

  • How does it relate to my project work? – These small staged urban ‘sculptures’ would be easy to recreate, but its the message behind the shot that makes it work, so I doubt I could use this type of ‘graffiti’ within my project effectivly.


– Nguyen, P (2010) Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art. Gestalten.

– Klanten,R (2010) Urban Interventions: Personal projects in public spaces. Gestalten.


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